ARDF Games

17 June 2006

The following games can be used for educational purposes or just for fun. The receiver signal strength depends on the distance and relative bearing to the transmitter. At the moment the terrain has no influence on the radio wave propagation, in contrast to a real competition.

You can run the games on any operating system with a Flash player, for example Windows, Windows Mobile, Macintosh or Linux.

The games are developed by Hans Sundgren SM5SVM and can be used without restriction. Do you have ideas for improvement? Send an email to The games requires Macromedia Flash Player 7.0 or later (

Rasor-X, v1.1

There are 18 hidden posts in 6 levels and your score can be published on the high score list.

Det finns 18 gömda kontroller i 6 nivåer och du kan publicera dina poäng på en high score list.




Released: April 10, 2006 File size: 305 kB Window size: 600 x 400 pixels


START GAME as resizeable window (.swf)


RasorLite, v1.75

RasorLite is a simulator of radio orienteering on the 144 MHz frequency band. Rasor Lite is multi-lingual with 6 different languages and can run on small screen devices like a Pocket PC PDA.

The simulator can run in 2 modes: Training and Competition. In Competition mode there is a high score list.

RasorLite är en simulator för radio-orientering på frekvensen 144 MHz. RasorLite är flerspråkig med 6 språk och kan köras på små bildskärmar t ex en Pocket PC handdator.

Simulatorn kan användas i 2 moder: Övning och tävling. I tävlingsmode finns en high score list.

Released: Jun 25, 2005 File size: 180 kB Window size: 240 x 320 pixels

START RasorLite

START GAME as resizeable window (.swf)

For local storage on for example a PDA: Download the zip-file. The zip-file includes HTML, SWF and XML-files for initial data and language text.


Rasor 2, test version only

RASOR 2 is a full screen simulator of radio orienteering on the 144 MHz frequency band, using a 3-element yagi antenna.

NOTE: Not fully developed yet.

Rasor 2 är en helskärms simulator för radio-orientering på frekvensen 144 MHz, med en 3-elements yagi-antenn.

OBS: Ej färdigutvecklad, endast för test.


Released: July 3, 2005 File size: 165 kB
Window size: 800 x 550 pixels


START Rasor 2

START GAME as resizeable window (.swf)


Old games which have been replace by the version above:

Rasor 1.2 The simulator was the first version released. It includes a larger map area but has some limitations and bugs.
Release June, 2004